Kennel Coros

Kennel Coros is a family owned kennel, operated by Carola and Risto Ojanperä and daughter Johanna Stolt. We breed Schipperkes and middle-sized apricot coloured poodles.

Our kennel is located in Espoo, about 15km from Helsinki, right by the border to Kauniainen.

We currently have one Cirneco dell'Etna, two middle-sized apricot coloured poodles, seven Schipperkes and a miniature Dachshund. We actively train agility and attend shows to which both the poodle and schipperke are well suited.

Kennel Coros’ first litter was two gray miniature schnauzers in 1990. The mother of the litter, Leanna van de Havenstadt came to us from Belgium. During that time we also had "Pontus" Peacemaker's Fighter who was Finnish champion in obedience and the first Finnish title holder in agility. Besides “Lenna” and “Pontus” we also had a black miniature schnauzer, Peacemaker's Incognito.

In 1991 we imported a wonderful brindle-whippet named Airescot Wedgewood or "Rudy" from Norway. Johanna and Rudy competed actively with great results in the junior handler class. The following year our second brindle-whippet "Pepsi" or Linsara's Royal Cascade came to our family from England. Our enthusiasm towards fast dogs has not disappeared over the years; we also have a Cirneco Dell'Etna named “Mimi” Iosono Madam Mim.


In 2002 Pepsi was suddenly alone and was in great need of a friend. Fortunately a Schipperke, Durante Celeste charmed all of us so much that soon Pepsi had a new friend known more familiarly as “Cola”.
2004 was the year when Shalako N' Coros Cattin Around or “Findus” moved to Espoo all the way from Shalako-kennel in Alabama, USA. In order for “Findus” not to forget his American heritage we also brought “Cookie" or Coros N' Shalako's Bartered Bear, "TC" or Shalako's TomCat and "Moritz" or Coros N' Shalako American Viper from Alabama to Espoo in 2005 and 2006 respectively. 

Besides all the Schipperkes we also have two wonderful middle-sized poodles; Vera" Valerie of Hannelhill and "Vito" Vito of Hannelhill.

Kennel Coros’ primary goal is to raise happy, healthy, sociable puppies that are as close to pure-bread as possible. As a rule we only have two litters a year. More about our litter plan can be found under puppies.

We would like to Thank all the families with whom we have placed our dogs with and a special Thank You to Bette Wynn, Kennel Shalako in USA who graciously has shared her expertise with us. 
Thank you